Landscape dynamics

Alfonso Santillán

8:04 min



Documental, Nature, Documentary


🔴  e n t e r   p s y n e m a


Experimental documentary about the presence of the human in natural enviroments, with an exploration of the motion and stability of the camera in justaposition.

Alfonso Emanuel Santillán Vázquez has an undergraduate degree in Musical composition from the Facultyof Music-UNAM where he took classes with Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Gabriela Ortiz, Leonardo Coral andJulio Estrada among others. He has studies in physical engineering from UAM-Azcapotzalco and adiploma in musical research from CENIDIM-INBA. At the moment he is studying a master’s degree inPhilosophy from Universidad Iberoamericana.As a musician he has participated in many generes and groups, mainly the Magisterial Folcloric DanceCompany of Tulancingo, participating in the tours at Taiwan in 2018 and United Arab Emirates in 2019.He is a professor at the Regional Center of Education Studies- Pachuca, in the areas of Mathematics, Arteducation, Statistics and probability, and English.He is the founder and director of de Research Center for the Arts and Sciences, where complexity science,violence and music research is developed.