Unseen Memories

Beáta Kolbašovská

Slovakia (2020)

2:24 min

Unseen memory unwillingly reflect actual situation. Our memory is very fragile and we are easily forgotten important parts of our existence. We are starting to unread, unseen, unfeel. Anthropocentrism is not our mission. As a french band Daft Punk is singing "Harder, better, faster, stronger", that can be the motto of our current civilization. The data of our lives are written somewhere in the clouds. We can imagine them as virtual images with infinite amounts in abstract space. We are hypnotized by unreadable amount of images, datas and informations. We are feeling safe in digital and virtual world, all our sorrows and happiness are there save. But is it really? Unseen memory is a mirror of our society, hectic and destructive. We are hypnotized by unreadable amount of images. Abstract, blurry, destructive, past and future.

Create at the same scale as you can Destroy