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Jérémy Griffaud

France (2020)

4:51 min

Landstrength is an installation created in 2020, composed of a video monitor and a camping tent wearing camo colors covered by camo nets. Those camo nets can be hanged depending on the space hosting the installation. Inside the tent, the screen is looping the audio-visual piece Landstrength (2019).

Landstrength, is composed of a succession of three short animations made from watercolor drawings and photographs of natural environments found on the internet. The whole shows "powerful" landscapes, "muscular" trees, or "warlike" mountain massifs.

In this installation, the plant world is bodybuilt, ready to fight or to show off. Griffaud uses the cult of the body and the intensive practice of bodybuilding as a material and a language. Griffaud is inspired by the way some individuals sometimes stage their bodies in front of a mirror or on social networks. He tries to relate this radical conception of being, which oscillates between a perfect lifestyle and an intimidating way of life, to the contemporary problem of preserving biodiversity.

Create at the same scale as you can Destroy